DCS’s expert team has years of experience in providing immigration assistance for companies operating in Afghanistan. Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), have resulted new regulations for contractors under either of the two international treaties. DCS has developed contacts and established a proven and efficient process to obtain visas under the BSA/SOFA, as well as under the old process, which is still applicable to companies not operating under the BSA/SOFA. For BSA/SOFA-related visas, a work permit is no longer required. DCS can provide secure courier services to pick up and deliver passports in Afghanistan. We ease the invoicing process, which would allow our clients to choose a payment method that they desire. For non-BSA/SOFA visas, a work permit is still required. Our services include attaining invitation letters, single-entry visa, and work permit. We go on further to convert the single-entry visa to a multiple-entry visa. We are so pleased to announce DCS is more proficient in obtaining visas than any other agencies in Afghanistan. Our clients immensely enjoy from our prolonged established contacts and procedures in place, which guarantee an assured and quick results.